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Similarly, invalidation of a registration, whether incontestable or contestable, on the ground that it was improvidently granted for underlying generic or functional subject matter, while not automatically extinguishing underlying rights, would place the proponent of trademark rights in the position of needing to prove either non-genericism or non-functionality of a common law mark.
Without exception, all of the currently proposed healthcare "fixes" disregard our Constitution's explicit federal scheme of separated and sovereign powers, and they improvidently relegate the statehouses to the role of mere far-flung outposts of the centralized national government.
Russia, with aspiring nations within its borders, generally opposes secessionists, as it did when America, which sometimes opposes secession (for example in 1861-1865), improvidently supported Kosovo's secession from Russia's ally Serbia.
Following President Bush's subsequent determination that the United States would comply with the Avena decision, (14) Medellin I was dismissed on the grounds that certiorari has been improvidently granted.
after a plea of guilty sets up a matter inconsistent with the plea, or if it appears that he has entered the plea of guilty improvidently or through lack of understanding of its meaning and effect, .
Whelan digs a cellar for the "palace" he plans; but he sites it improvidently ("Irishlike"), too close to the transported Walden house (Correspondence 204).
Arguably, the state may have a cause of action against the trustee if no portion of the trust remains at the death of the individual because the trustee spent trust funds lavishly and improvidently.
Banaitis suggested that, in light of the Jobs Act amendment to the Code that made attorneys' fees fully deductible in the future in all civil rights and employment cases, the Court should dismiss the writ of certiorari as improvidently granted.
The Court should therefore either affirm the judgment below or dismiss the writ as improvidently granted.
But it obviously thought people's lives should not be ended improvidently, even if they are very ill or even dying.
The episode alerted him to the fact that he was not yet well-known enough in Prague for his name to fill the biggest Prague concert hall on Zofin Island, which according to the critics he had rented improvidently.
Naim, (33) in which the Supreme Court dismissed as improvidently granted an appeal from the Virginia Supreme Court which had upheld Virginia's anti-miscegenation law.

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