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We next went to the school of languages, where three professors sat in consultation upon improving that of their own country.
But if I had more room, I should take a prodigious delight in improving and planting.
The subject of improving grounds, meanwhile, was still under consideration among the others; and Mrs.
Eustace Macallan used the arsenic which--her husband purchased for the purpose of improving the defects of her complexion?
In the elegant and improving companionship which I now enjoy I should feel quite happy but for one drawback.
The performance advantages offered by these carbon blacks also provide flexibility to the rubber manufacturer in designing new parts or improving existing designs.
When compared to the rest of the nation's hospitals, the quality score of hospitals in the P4P project on 18 publicly reported quality indicators is significantly higher, 85 percent to 79 percent, confirming that performance incentives are effective at improving quality of care.
Develop the troubleshooting toots you need to improve your paper manufacturing process by reducing variability, improving efficiency, and improving cost competitiveness.
Nippon Zeon has attempted to solve this problem by improving the latex portion of the adhesive as means of achieving improved adhesion and longer mileage.
LSF is designed to improve the viability and insulin producing capabilities of harvested islet cells prior to transplant, potentially improving the success rate of the procedure.
Fast Track Award winners are RMI customers who have continually demonstrated unique and creative ways of improving their businesses through the use of RMI's products and services," says Paul Pascutti, vice president marketing of RMI.

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