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One bottom-up approach involves the active participation of university teachers and students in improving their own classroom activities.
Students stand and go through the Kaizen hand play--"little by little, bit by bit, I'm improving every day"--to aid them in remembering this important concept.
Six Sigma adherents use the acronym DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) to explain their approach--a systematic and logical approach to improving processes.
Naperville, Illinois, said that specialty performance chemicals provide value in the papermaking process by improving both operational efficiency and imparting certain physical properties to the finished sheet.
The use of cost-forecasting results in maintaining and improving margins, by identifying the costs of treatment compared with reimbursement, prior to or at patient admission, thereby encouraging use of efficient treatment protocols or case management of patients with high resource use.
The jury is still out on how many organization are actually improving quality," Berwick points out.
law enforcement agencies in combating crime and improving the criminal justice system.
Elkem's new Development Center will also assist Elkem's plants in improving computer control of ferroalloy processes.
Effective in improving processability and physical properties of recycled PET.
New process chemistries are available for controlling deposits, improving defoaming capabilities, and allowing the entire operation to run at the lowest possible overall cost.
Recently, reduction of tire weight and rolling resistance has become one of the most important factors in tire performance, and like fuel economy of automobiles, is necessary for improving the global environment.

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