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Critique: Unique, engaging, superbly written and presented, "The Implacable Absence: A Non-Idiomatic Improvisational Duet" is a seminal reading experience from beginning to end.
Pardon My Improv' seeks to collaborate with and inspire improvisational performance artists through new media.
The improvisational material in Pattern Play is drawn from authentic multi-cultural, jazz and blues, "classical" improvisational materials.
Rhythmic Characteristics of Improvisational Drumming Among Preschool Children
Such neural activity may lie at the heart of musical improvisation and perhaps other improvisational feats, propose auditory scientist Charles J.
Pianist-singer Fats Waller was an improvisational genius and show-stopping entertainer; ``If You Got to Ask, You Ain't Got It'' (Bluebird/Legacy; $34.
s Saturday show at the McDonald Theatre is the official opener for the venue's fall season, and the group that's been playing its improvisational rock for more than 15 years promises some exciting things are on the horizon.
BOSTON, March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Improv Asylum, Boston's premier improvisational and sketch comedy theater presents "Monkey Trial & Error .
Secondly, Scott describes his work as "jazz thinking," and indeed his kinetic, oftentimes colorful sculptures have an improvisational quality.
Their African origins are clearly visible and the jazzlike improvisational language on display is highly developed.
If the name Del Close sounds familiar, it should be: he was a legend of improvisational theater, discovered many comedy giants from Bill Murray to Mike Myers, and he built a reputation as one of the zaniest theater gurus ever: author Jeff Griggs was his student in Chicago when he was asked to help his mentor on weekly errands.
The laid-back, improvisational weaving of the parts bore the confident mark of their maker, a choreographer in his shining prime.