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The problem was that he got it right in the first place, recording the event in situ, almost improvisationally and also cinematically.
In this instance, the bride's head has fallen off and is improvisationally stationed on the groom's shoulder.
Choose Route 1, north from Portland, and you can wend your way, improvisationally, up to Acadia, stopping at the many archetypical small towns that bespeak "Down East.
Working improvisationally during the 1994 Havana Biennial, Grippo scrawled familiar Argentine texts onto seven student desks, remnants of Cuba's 1959 literacy campaign.
Though improvisationally hit and miss, the laughs are pretty funny when on target.
They are the products of a solitary and somewhat isolated consciousness working improvisationally with the matter and emotions directly at hand, a projection of Rauschenberg's mind and body onto the intimate and alienated world of the studio.
Filmed digitally and improvisationally on the south coast, Gypo firmly establishes Margate, after The Last Resort and Tracey Emin's Top Spot, on the UK film map.