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By being able to click through various versions of a single poem--or looking at the changing shape of Leaves as a sequence of poems over its six editions--we are involved as readers "in a less univocal process": "Hypertext encourages lively, even aggressive reading because it calls for active participation." In a wired state, we are no longer passive recipients of the word; rather, we can determine what we will read or hear, and when, operating in our own way improvisationally.
Method acting required that she explore improvisationally her deepest self "for the emotional truth that informed the moment lived on stage" (Santiago 1998: 74).
Moreover, Truth's stories of her own experience were retold improvisationally in dozens or even hundreds of public appearances on the platforms of the antislavery, women's rights, and other reform movements, and some of the stories were recorded in abbreviated forms in reports on those performances.
"I intuited from years of focusing on my own body and working improvisationally, that reintegration would mean working at the body level as well as the psychic level."
Like the musician mastering scales or the sous chef practicing knife skills, once mastered, that repertoire is meant to be deployed improvisationally. For the chef, improvisation becomes the creation of new combinations of flavors, textures, and preparations.
Did she compose her life improvisationally, like making a quilt, as some have argued that women do?
[17] Hips swaying widely, wrists limply waving, Lloyd saunters up to Paul and Jon, who improvisationally stand-in for the staunch military personnel who will preside over Paul's actual induction.
Just as Fossile wants to reduce sexual desire and sexual acts to documents, Townley manipulates documents improvisationally so as to maximize the possibilities for spontaneous and unregulated sexuality--all the while maintaining a (fragile) facade
The problem was that he got it right in the first place, recording the event in situ, almost improvisationally and also cinematically.
In this instance, the bride's head has fallen off and is improvisationally stationed on the groom's shoulder.
Choose Route 1, north from Portland, and you can wend your way, improvisationally, up to Acadia, stopping at the many archetypical small towns that bespeak "Down East." Just outside Portland, it's hard to resist the shopping mecca of Freeport, home to dozens of outlet stores.
But since thesps sometimes appear to be floundering improvisationally, it's not always clear there is a script.