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At the noise Felton made in entering, Milady leaped lightly to the ground, and tried to conceal behind her the improvised cord she held in her hand.
We are going to be married soon," said Clare, with improvised phlegm.
At length all but one of the prisoners were freed, and then the door fell with a mighty crash before a hastily improvised battering-ram, and the yellow horde was upon us.
This episode considerably distracted the attention of the audience; and a goodly number of spectators, among them Robin Poussepain, and all the clerks at their head, gayly applauded this eccentric duet, which the scholar, with his shrill voice, and the mendicant had just improvised in the middle of the prologue.
Recovered were twelve small packs of plastic, six improvised glass pipe tooters with plastic hose, three heat-sealed plastic sachets suspected to contain shabu, two open small plastic sachets with suspected shabu residue, two stainless scissors, one digital weighing scale, one small spoon, one small double mint candy container, and one rolled aluminum foil.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday the discovery of a workshop for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices in Aliya area in Diyala.
forces were able to defuse two improvised vehicles loaded with explosives,
He said the threat that developed from improvised explosive devices, known as IEDs, drove the need for additional up-armored vehicles.
We improvised in many different ways--in duets, with music, in silence, and so on.
He pleaded guilty to having 980lbs of an improvised explosive mixture, a timer power unit, an electrical detonator, two improvised booster tubes and an improvised detonating cord, with intent to endanger life at Dun Laoghaire port.