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It held that “the existence of a cheaper fund does not mean that a particular fund is too expensive in the market generally or is otherwise an imprudent choice.”
Family formation, perhaps the ultimate personal leap of faith, looks to be another victim of this imprudent hesitation.
However, the law states citations will not be issued unless texting caused the driver to operate the car in a "careless and imprudent manner."
However, even if I were wrong, PS22bn spread across 444 authorities, that includes fire and police authorities as well as the Greater London Authority, is not a great amount and with further cuts still to come it would be imprudent not to have substantial reserves.
Imprudent King is organized similarly to Parker's first biography, but the text is thoroughly rewritten and expanded.
"While tempting, it would be imprudent for patients and doctors to look at a study like this and stop blood pressure medications to allow DBP to rise.
Appearing in The Social Science Journal, Meldrum's study is based on data he collected from 750 adults across the United States to determine whether imprudent airline passenger behavior might be explained by certain demographic and personality traits.
3-Rafik el Hayet : Il est vrai que ses dernieres sorties ne sont guere reluisantes, cependant, il serait imprudent de faire l' impasse sur ses chances car vu les conditions de l'epreuve du jour, il ne serait pas surprenant de le voir venir pointer a l'arrivee dans ce lot prenable.
filed a lawsuit claiming custom-built investment portfolios within the plans were too heavily invested in alternatives and other imprudent investments.
The minister urged Washington "not to act in an imprudent way and not to make trouble out of nothing." In July, China completed some of land reclamation projects of the man-made islands in the disputed Spratly Islands in the resource-rich South China Sea.
Allegations against him, 11 others and his investment group MIG outline that they took imprudent banking decisions in favour of MIG or its subsidiaries creating a conflict of interest.
Although sending the case back to the lower courts to decide whether or not Edison and the fiduciaries had breached their fiduciary duty in connection with the 1999 investments, the Supreme Court ruled that ERISA imposes an ongoing duty to monitor investments and remove imprudent ones.