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Albert Weale, emeritus professor at UCL, agrees: "It's ethically wrong to perform an ineffective procedure, and also for an organisation to use its resources imprudently."
And although officers who had served there had an appreciation of Fata's history, they imprudently longed for that system to be restored.
If imprudently implemented, it has the potential to inhibit the use of low-limit flood insurance endorsements, parametric flood insurance for
The parity formula was imprudently applied on former East Pakistan to neutralize its majority status and smaller provinces would also demand parity in Assembly if any back door attempt was made to deprive them of their rights, he said.
Specifically, Transamerica is accused of "imprudently retaining" the following portfolios: Transamerica International Equity Portfolio, Transamerica Small Core Portfolio, Transamerica Large Value Portfolio, Trans-america Large Growth Portfolio, Transamerica High Yield Bond Portfolio and Transamerica Mid Value Portfolio.
"The court basically looked to the Restatement [(Second) of Trusts] and said you can prove this in several different ways, one of which is to use index funds as a marker for how you judge the performance of imprudently chosen funds."
They are: if he is entrusted [something] he betrays; if he speaks, he tells lies; if he gives a promise, he breaks it; if he quarrels, he behaves imprudently and refuses to reconcile.
Such unity of purpose and unprecedented swiftness of action are, in no small measure, indicative of the great concern over the risks and possible dire fiscal consequences associated with the shift in the form of government, if executed imprudently. Arguably, an important factor was the high esteem the business sector has for the economic team.
Improperly and imprudently handled, it can as easily inform as inflame.
The best part is that neither Swaraj nor the minority communities acted imprudently and emotionally on the shallow provocations.
I'm sure you don't spend your company's money imprudently, yet when it comes to time, many of us treat it like an infinite resource.
The two are expected to file their counter-affidavits on accusation that they 'anomalously and illegally funded and procured the Dengvaxia vaccine and ill-advisedly, thoughtlessly, and imprudently' implemented the dengue immunization program.