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I know it would be like his impudence. It is like Ned's impudence to do as he has done; but you would not on that account, or because of a few tears from your beautiful daughter, refrain from checking their inclinations in their birth.
'His impudence, Mr Swiviller!' said Miss Jane, tossing her head.
But I had not done with her impudence yet: after dinner, I retired to the drawing-room, as usual, and she accompanied me, but I had the two children with me, and I gave them my whole attention, and determined to keep them till the gentlemen came, or till Milicent arrived with her mother.
And, I say," pursued Old Sharon, relapsing into his customary impudence, "you're in love, you know, with that nice girl.
"Damn his impudence!" muttered King--"what ought we to do?"
Not till La Ricaneuse stands before her with bare, black arms akimbo, uttering a volley of vile abuse and of brazen impudence. Pelagie wants to kill her.