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We may cite four cases where Roewer split an original species keeping the same name: Metascotolemon jaqueti (Corti, 1905) X Scotolemon jaqueti Roewer, 1915; Ibalonius impudens Loman, 1906 X Ibalonianus impudens Roewer, 1923; Pseudobiantes japonicus Hirst, 1911 X Ataminius japonicus Roewer, 1938; and Algidia nigriflava (Loman, 1902) X Nuncia (Corinuncia) nigriflava nigriflava Roewer, 1923.
When Folly prefers her own self-sufficient vanity to the services, of a flatterer, or "impudens assentator," she raises the issue of Plutarch's treatise How to Tell a Flatterer from a Friend, which Erasmus translated into Latin in 1514 three years after he published The Praise of Folly.
1, quia usitatus atque impudens modus agendi Rev.di N.
Et sont ceux-cy les meilleurs enfans, & plus genereux: quelqu'vns les appellent a tort impudens: Car ilz ne font cecy par impudence: ains par hardiesse, force, & virilite, ils ayment leur semblable.
impudens, fueron recolectadas en una sola ocasion, lo que sugiere que se trata de especies poco abundantes en el estado o bien nuestros metodos de muestreo no fueron eficientes para capturarlas.
It is perhaps significant that this attempt to integrate the theory of asusta the Model (RLM 82.12-14) comes adrift from the immediately following survey of the four Hermagorean categories of asustata (82.15-83.9)l for example, the category of impudens intentio mentioned at 82.13 corresponds to nothing in Hermagoras.