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The final pass from the South Korean was perfect, and Lamela took it in his stride before impudently poking it through the keeper's legs.
The current development, however, is one that is so impudently political that it is bound to be yet another example of constitutional tampering with very long term consequences to the manner with which the rule of law is applied in Nepal.
Sheyi Ojo's impudently converted penalty kick against Manchester United on Saturday night suggested he will not be fazed with the responsibility of penalty-taking even when the matches are meaningful.
"It is not the first time for Saudi officials to talk nonsense and impudently when they step into the land of bullying rulers who sell them security, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Saturday.
Youthful alumni unfurled banners impudently proclaiming "We Belong" while exposing their identities for the rest of the nation to see.
This perception is impudently and glaringly reflected in Donald Trump's repeated rhetoric 'America comes first'.
PREMIER LEAGUE P Man City 14 Man Utd 14 Chelsea 14 Arsenal 14 LIVERPOOL 14 Burnley 14 Spurs 14 Watford 14 Leicester 14 Brighton 14 Southampton 14 Newcastle 14 Everton 14 Huddersfield 14 AFCBournemouth 14 Stoke 14 West Brom 14 West Ham 14 Swansea 14 C Palace 14 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain released Joe Gomez on the right who ran the ball right to the line before crossing and Stoke were still appealing for it going over the byline as Mane's impudently dinked the ball over Lee Grant from Solanke's nudge through.
In these paintings, Hockney's awkward figurative style fleshes out toward naturalism, impudently balancing between art and illustration.
Ruben Loftus-Cheek, before his premature first-half exit, lived up to his surname by impudently sending South Americans the wrong way.
But as if a team like this needs any help, up stepped ref Michael Oliver, falling for Sterling falling over as he ran across Monreal's perfectly reasonable path, allowing Aguero to impudently net from 12 yards.
Kate confirmed, that whatever happened it was over, the way he had lived until now, but, according to Ira, he did think about it, the end of bravado, the end of folly, the end of trusting life, the end of taking life for granted, and of treating life as something that, samurai-like, he thought himself ready to throw away lightly, impudently...
Unlike other 'old' shows that lose their mojo and moxie due to age and dwindling rage, 'SNL' continues to zing and sting, impudently generating caustic comedy from today's headlines.