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Mr Monson told the court: "The BBC has now made it clear it did not intend to impugn Mr Wilkey's integrity.
However, the transracial solidarity among women that the Hagar trope effects is only temporary, since most of these authors, according to Gabler-Hover, only "dream" of a black Hagar as long as it suits their purposes, and swiftly re-race her in order to impugn black femininity.
When people impugn the outlaw credibility of the Sundance Film Festival -- which they tend to do strenuously and often -- they overlook a salient fact of the nearly 20-year-old event's origins: founded by sun-kissed movie star Robert Redford, and named after a studly gunslinger he once played in the hip-as-hell Hollywood western, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Sundance is only faux-outlaw from the spurs up anyway.
Strikes and protests remain few, but workers vociferously denounce low wages and high unemployment and impugn the government for allowing foreigners to "take jobs from Germans.
However, the Court noted the taxpayer's success was largely a function of the manner in which the government litigated the case: Its strategy was designed to show that, as a legal matter, CBIs and goodwill are inextricably intertwined; it did not attempt to impugn the taxpayer's expert witnesses regarding their views on CBIs' useful lives.
Thus, under Article 166, it is the husband who can impugn the legitimacy of said child by proving: (1) it was physically impossible for him to have sexual intercourse, with his wife within the first 120 days of the 300 days which immediately preceded the birth of the child; (2) that for biological or other scientific reasons, the child could not have been his child; (3) that in case of children conceived through artificial insemination, the written authorization or ratification by either parent was obtained through mistake, fraud, violence, intimidation or undue influence.
that, in article, he have hoped to anything other impugn the Lord Brittain.
A PTI MPA Mansoor Sarwar filed the petition submitting that the impugn code of conduct introduced by the ECP unconstitutional.
His attempt to impugn olestra by noting that Stephen Glass once defended it suggests that logic is not his forte either.
Posing as the victim of malicious, illicit press leaks, Harp complained: "Actions such as this impugn not only my integrity but also the judgment of FBI and DOJ [Department of Justice] officials in the decision-making process.
Many people may disagree with the views expressed by Dr Lewis, but to sink to the level of personal abuse as does Mr Fortescue, and - worse - to impugn the professional integrity of Dr Lewis is, in my opinion, outrageous.