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In turn, this determines the available remedies in court if the impugned act is found to be unlawful.
In their view a contextual analysis established that the impugned acts exceeded the Canadian public's threshold of tolerance.
Presently, the proceedings before the RO were at the stage of filing of reply by the petitioner in answer to the application for public inspection filed by the respondent (Khan), he said and added that the RO had completed his job and did not have the jurisdiction to conduct the proceedings assigned to him by the impugned order of the ECP.
But many white Americans impugned Phillis Wheatley's authenticity by defining her as nothing more than a classical "imitator.
It's a big deal to have your reputation impugned in the cover of darkness,'' said Hayes, who weathered several random accusations by her political opponent, including charges she hired people to hurt Boudreaux's niece.
Monfasani's review of Gianni Zippel's edition of Valla's Repastinatio dialectice et philosophie, besides supplementing the editor's account of the work's genesis and revisions, offers some useful corrections concerning the Scholastic texts impugned by Valla (VI, 189-90).
It enables us to ensure that messages, instructions, any form of transaction that's conducted electronically is authenticated, plus that it's also secure, that the integrity is not impugned and that there's no repudiation in relation to the message.
Earlier, the petitioners' counsels contended that powers of the courts had been delegated to gas companies under the impugned ordinance.
PTI leader Zubair Niazi filed the petition saying the impugned appointment was a result of sheer nepotism.
The Centre said, " Having examined the Tejinder Singh representation and the reply of the former Chief of Army Staff, the disciplinary authority had arrived at the view that the direction issued by the former Chief of Army Staff for issuance of the impugned media clarification on March 5, 2012 does not attract disciplinary action and as such the representation of the petitioner has been disposed off.
Furthermore, we have the ultimate authority of Divine Revelation against such an impugned thesis--"He who obeys the commandments he has from Me is the man who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father.
I can't remember off-hand if Paxo was one of the sneerers who impugned Jonathan's motives when he left the Major Cabinet to pick up the sword of truth and the trusty shield of British justice.