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BEIRUT: The Publications Court in Beirut charged Free Patriotic Movement official Adonis Akra, a political science professor at Balamand University, of impugning the reputation of the Lebanese Army and the judiciary in his book entitled "When my Name Became 16.
To pour salt into the wounds, more and more bishops are now trespassing into the arena of politics and insisting on impugning the consciences of Catholic candidates and legislators who don't denounce abortion or criminalize its use by withholding the sacraments from them.
Today Hackney is back professing history at Penn, and the Christian Coalition's ex-mastermind has just led the Georgia Republican Party to senatorial victory by impugning the Democratic incumbent, a triple amputee, for unpatriotic thoughts.
Finally, please God, let there be no Catholic publication that will take sides in the 2000 or any other political campaign, impugning one or the other candidate.