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Indeed, as biblical scholars have argued in a collection of valuable writings, the Bible never impugns homosexuality (in fact, there is no Hebrew word for homosexual) but condemns practices that were inimical to the cultural mores of the time.
In my view, the proposal unjustifiably impugns the integrity of tax executives and threatens to turn tax audits into even bigger battlegrounds (as the IRS scrutinizes and possibly imposes penalties in respect of the attestation rather than the underlying transaction).
13), responding to my colleague Jon Nelson with a quaint arboreal analogy, impugns statism to be a growth whose root is atheism.
but Kathy Strickland of Ark-La Outdoors swears it's true, and she'll slap the stuffing out of anybody who impugns her veracity.
The Committee went on to say that it "believes that this lack of candor reflects a flagrant disregard for Provant's shareholders and further impugns any remaining credibility that the CEO has with the investment community.
Boswell further impugns Garcia's integrity by suggesting that subconsciously, he may have been influenced by the Alomar spitting incident.