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The protected childhood that provides Mintz the impulsion of his analysis was no more pervasive at its alleged zenith than it had been before.
An Incessant, Inharmonic, Idiosyncratic Impulsion to Do Something Creative," works by Inga, reception, 7:01 p.
Under the dynamic and always inventive impulsion of General Manager Maurice Urech, the Principe Leopoldo will this year again be staging a number of unusual events, some connected with its continuing sponsorship of the Lugano Jazz Festival.
It's only in the most recent stages of techno-economic development that homo sapiens has backed off a little from its impulsion to remove damaged individuals from the population.
With the poetry of analogy fashioned in the Vita nuova and perfected in the Divine Comedy, Dante's impulsion toward analogy becomes "the mark of the aesthetic's coordination of the sensible and the metaphysical" (9).
Hoop Impulsion is 1-6 with Conejo Pipe Dopes last at 0-7.
Everything just wafts forward, powered by a romanticized impulsion called "reform .
it takes the wine press as well as the grape to express juice, and it takes environing and resisting objects as well as an internal emotion and impulsion to constitute an expression of emotion.
The core of the insert is made of a soft and highly resilient elastomer material for enhanced feel and impulsion to get the ball rolling.
Dans la ville de Tlemcen, les policiers ont mis fin aux agissements d'un dangereux malfaiteur, qui agressait les gens avec une arme a impulsion electrique (taser).
Le ministre a egalement mis l'accent sur l'interet accorde par le Royaume a la cooperation Sud-Sud, sous l'impulsion de SM le Roi Mohammed VI, soulignant que la derniere tournee du Souverain dans plusieurs pays africains constitue une incarnation de la profondeur africaine du Maroc et une forte impulsion a la cooperation Sud-Sud.
Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman, ministre de la Culture et de l'Information a declare que le forum sera une forte impulsion pour la cooperation, en affirmant la disposition du ministere de l'information au souci de la l'attention de la production mediatique pour achever ce message.