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Section 2 reviews the literature on materialism, impulsive buying and status consumption as they relate to the social class movements in Turkey and constructs the hypotheses.
In Section 2, the robust exponential stability problem of impulsive stochastic neural networks with Markovian jumping parameters, mixed time-varying delays, and parametric uncertainties is described and some necessary definitions and lemmas are given.
Keywords: Art therapy, Children with ADHD,Co-morbid Intellectual Disabilities, Impulsive Behavior
Based on the analysis above, I chose product type as a regulated variable and discussed how the impulsive buying behavior affects the consumer's postimpulsive buying satisfaction through the mixed emotion response.
Is your bread and butter consumer the undaunted striver, the impulsive spender, the aspiring struggler or the secure traditionalist?
How you deal with your Negative Impulsive Thoughts (NITs) will have huge effects on your physical health, success in life and emotional happiness--so your health, wealth and happiness are at stake
Karachi -- Sindh's Information Minister Sharjeel Memon on Monday said that mischief should not be created out of someone's statements, adding that MQM should review impulsive decisions.
Washington, May 7 ( ANI ): Researchers have shown that impulsive behavior is a risk factor for food addiction.
Aggression and associated verbal and physical acts fall into 2 subtypes: impulsive type and premeditated (predatory) type.
The traits included a tendency towards impulsive or anti-social behaviour, and a tendency to avoid intimacy.
Impulsive violent behavior is a non-premeditated aggressive act that an individual engages in hastily without any consideration of the consequences.
Prof Matt Field, from the University's Institute of Psychology Health and Society, said: "Our results show that more impulsive individuals are more likely to start drinking heavily in the future compared to less impulsive individuals.