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Impulsiveness has been linked to drug use and other problematic behaviours in many studies, with a diminished response inhibition capacity, difficulties for reflection and planning, and a tendency to choose minor reinforcers that are closer to hand in tasks involving delayed gratification being observed in addicts (Olmstead, 2006), as well as violent behaviours, poor behavioural regulation, and lower empathy (Romero-Martinez & Moya-Albiol, 2015).
Trump has shown no evidence of it; in fact, his policy impulsiveness risks digging an even deeper hole for Syria, into which the U.
In view of the inconsistency present in the empirical evidence and the lack of indirect effects research of impulsiveness, narcissism and CU traits simultaneously, the aim of this study was to analyse the joint influences of these psychopathic personality traits and neighbourhood risk on adolescent antisocial behaviour in a Spanish sample.
Keywords: Behavioral Addiction, Impulsiveness, Cell phone, Addictive usage, Facets of Impulsiveness
In this study, materialistic attitude, buying impulsiveness, and general retail patronage loyalty were measured by previously developed scales.
Acting on the stimulus of the moment and perseverance is called motor impulsiveness.
This study was part of an ongoing research entitled "Psychometric properties of the version of Barratt Impulsiveness Scale, version 11 (BIS-11) for Brazilian adults" approved by the Ethical Committee of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in 2010.
Of the facets of the construct of impulsivity that have been studied, motor impulsiveness ought to be the dimension most closely associated with impulsive driving, because the motor component of this type of activity is essential.
The undermining of the finance minister over the foreclosures bill and the retirement bonus of the public employees were other examples of the trademark impulsiveness which Anastasiades seems to have mistaken for shows of decisiveness.
After taking informed consent form each student self-report measure of revised Barratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS- 11) was administered.
For example, here's a sample quote especially valuable to the Aficionado (but useful for nearly everyone): "Become an observer of yourself, watch for your impulsiveness to arise, and start a new habit of simply observing the impulse instead of taking action on it.
Her conversation has still the ripple of a stream, and her movements the quick, light impulsiveness of youth.