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IMPUTATION. The judgment by which we declare that an agent is the cause of his free action, or of the result of it, whether good or ill. Wolff, Sec. 3.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Starting with the 2014 CPS, which asked about calendar year 2013, out-of-pocket premium questions and imputation methods were improved to yield more internally consistent microdata.
Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo has slammed an edited image of him purportedly endorsing opposition bets, saying the imputations are defamatory.
He said he understands the post was a political meme, a norm in the campaign season, but considers it a defamatory imputation.
defamatory imputations are false and inherently malicious because it caused dishonor, defamation, embarrassment and public humiliation to complainant.
He added that aACoeThe imputations have neither been made for the promotion of any public good nor do they touch any public question but have been made in a concerted effort to inflict injury on the complainant and his family in view of the upcoming elections at the Centre.aACA[yen]
"The imputation is incapable of bearing a defamatory meaning [to her]," Rewcastle-Brown was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini in her statement of defence.
In this notation, the direct comparison method uses [P.sub.r,t] as an imputation of [P.sub.i,t], yielding an error of
Blauvelt involved nonresponder imputation through year 1 and imputation based on the reason for discontinuation in the second year.
Considering imputation methods for multivariate time series, taking advantage of the correlations between variables is commonly applied to predict lacking data [6-11].
In the literature, the efficacy of some different missing value imputation algorithms used with different kinds of datasets containing various missing data rates has been compared.
Therefore, instead of deleting all incomplete samples, data imputation which replaces the missing values with probable values estimated by different methods has attracted much attention of air quality research community recently.