in a manner

See: quasi
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government treat the detainees in a manner that conforms to international law.
Recent events require that MDC Brooklyn focus on operating in a manner that is as safe, secure, and orderly as possible," says a January 31 letter from Warden Dennis W.
1250(a) by the partnership and by a partner shall be determined in a manner consistent with the principles provided in Regs.
Firm A staff may participate in the audit engagement without impairing firm B's independence with respect to the corporation as long as firm B uses firm A's work in a manner similar to that of internal auditors and complies with AICPA statements on auditing standards.
After all products and services provided by the employer to customers are identified, the employer may apportion these products and services among its lines of business in a manner of its discretion.
Employers desiring to fall under the SLOB rules should structure their operations in a manner conducive to establishing the independence and self-sufficiency of each line of business, as well as reflecting bona fide business reasons for each SLOB's existence.
A loss corporation on the verge of an ownership change may exercise some control over the timing of a potential ownership change by drafting documents in a manner that avoids option status.
6222(a) requires the partner to report all partnership items in a manner consistent with the treatment of such items on the partnership tax return.
Warning: In order to meet the consistency requirement, a partner must report a partnership item in a manner consistent with the source partnership.
She reports a deduction and a capital gain in a manner inconsistent with the treatment of those items by the partnership.