in arrears

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However, the bank continued to treat such mortgages as in arrears and used that as the basis for bringing legal cases.
Hokkaido, Yamanashi, Wakayama and Saga prefectures attributed their increases in arrears to a rise in the number of corporate bankruptcies and the poor due to slumping regional economies.
The court held that advance payments of accrued interest in arrears were deductible because they represented a charge for the use or forbearance of borrowed money.
It also fell woefully in arrears on the mortgage, owing in excess of $20 million on an initial principal of $10 million to HUD.
As announced on September 18, 1997, the Company's schedule to pay dividends in arrears was continued with the consent of Gulf's Board of Directors.
In this case, the husband owed $20,000 in arrears the day he walked into court to apply for a reduction.
They cannot take part in fixing the new rate if they are two or more months in arrears with council tax or three or more months behind with poll tax.
The percentage of mortgages three or more months in arrears grew from 1.
The study said: "The substantial increase in the value of mortgage loans in arrears of more than 720 days suggests there is a significant cohort of distressed loans that continue to deteriorate.
MOHAMMAD Asghar AM has highlighted a wide variance in the number of tenancies in arrears in South East Wales.
According to the research, a typical NLA member landlord, with an average portfolio of 12 lettings, has four tenants in arrears and the average arrears owed by tenants is pounds 2,363.
Since then KNH was supposed to have got its act together and put a system in place whereby it can spot people in arrears.