in arrears

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Outgoing CEO, Gerry Mallon, said the bank could sell as many as 7,000 mortgages in arrears.
Newcastle is not alone in reporting an increase in arrears.
The account was in arrears by no more than two months and the councillor paid up in full.
She said: "Despite talk about the upturn in the economy, the level of commercial rate arrears stands at 36% at the end of 2014 with a total of 7,410 Dublin City account holders in arrears.
Mortgage accounts at the six banks that are three months or more in arrears have decreased by 1,700 to 79,427, when compared with the end of September 2013.
A new disconnect policy will give property owners notification that tenants are in arrears and disconnection is pending;
We find only a slight difference in the proportion of performing versus distressed borrowers who are employed in the public sector; about 30 per cent of performing borrowers work in the public sector relative to 26 per cent of borrowers in arrears.
Hokkaido, Yamanashi, Wakayama and Saga prefectures attributed their increases in arrears to a rise in the number of corporate bankruptcies and the poor due to slumping regional economies.
Group manager for housing management, Angela Forshaw, said: "Of the pounds 2m increase in arrears among current tenants, I would estimate that pounds 1.
Under financing agreements, Leverage Leasing paid interest in arrears that accrued in 1984 but, by the terms of the loan, was not actually due for payment until the following tax year.
In this case, the husband owed $20,000 in arrears the day he walked into court to apply for a reduction.
In 20 percent of the buildings, more than 5 percent of the shareholders are in arrears.