in attendance

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They were presented with the award by the CEO and Director of QMobile, with 450 retailers in attendance.
President James Michel was likewise in attendance at the handover function, along with Vice-President Danny Faure and High Commissioner of India Sanjay Panda.
To date, EventNook has served more than 3000 events, both local and regional, including the Singapore Yacht Show which saw more than 20,000 in attendance, National Productivity Month and Musicity.
On her part, Stephanie Pacheco, managing director, Latin America at CBS Studios International, was busy meeting with buyers from the larger territories at MIPCOM, including the "Pan-regionals, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela and Puerto Rico." While Pacheco said the majority of the sales delegation was in attendance, she noted that her entire team was not present at this market.
Bearded men, women clad in full-face veils, as well as children were among those in attendance of Sunday's protests.
Others in attendance at the Academy in Rushden have been Ken Doherty, Joe Swail and James Wattana.