in attendance

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While Pacheco said the majority of the sales delegation was in attendance, she noted that her entire team was not present at this market.
Others in attendance at the Academy in Rushden have been Ken Doherty, Joe Swail and James Wattana.
In attendance were Greater Sudbury Police Services Chief Ian Davidson, Sudbury MP Diane Marleau, city Councillor Janet Gasparini and a host of others.
A surge in attendance as well as tremendous booking of birthday parties and group reservations followed within the one-month period of commercials.
A small group of progressive lawyers, ACLU members, refugees from Democratic Administrations, and other like-minded folks were in attendance.
The event was hosted along with nearly 100 faith-based, peace and justice, labor, and community groups, and was simultaneously translated into Punjabi, Somali, and Cambodian to accommodate the large number of immigrants in attendance.