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It is used in conjunction with QuickLicense Standard or Pro edition.
These testosterone rests are by no means reserved for straights; the 100-plus members of Detroit's Lambda Car Club chapter roll out their Caddys, Minis, and Maseratis (gay auto enthusiasm is nothing if not diverse), throw lavish parties in conjunction with the big organized cruise events, and host their own Thursday night cruise-ins throughout the summer (visit to tag along).
Developed in conjunction with Valimo Wireless, the end-user service will provide mobile signature services to support secure authentication for web log-ins, remote access and the digital signing of transactions and documents.
The Hobson's choice for group life carriers, he said, is that if you get out of the market, it affects other parts of your business because group life is generally sold in conjunction with other coverages, including disability, long term care, perhaps major medical of various types all packaged together.
Last week, in conjunction with Mandarin Airlines, HKE launched a daily charter services between Hong Kong and Taichung in Taiwan, which will be followed by the commencement of direct scheduled services to Chiang Mai on 22 June.
The camera also features a slot for a removable SD memory card, allowing for an added at-the-camera recording option that works in conjunction with an alarm.
The new plug-ins for HP Web Jetadmin software--based on open standards and developed in conjunction with HP--enable customers to manage Xerox printers with a mixed set of office equipment brands and accessories.
Their theme song even contains the line "We conquer evil, then go shopping." Produced by DIC in conjunction with a mass merchandising campaign to re-introduce Trollz to the marketplace, the acceptable but unexceptional animation is definitely influenced by the Pokemon school of Japanese animation (not to mention Pokemon's toy tie-ins).
Allied lines are property insurance that usually is bought in conjunction with fire insurance; it includes wind, water damage and vandalism coverage.
In conjunction with several years of a "soft" market for D & O coverage, which caused many carriers (even the premier ones) to dramatically reduce premiums, the profit margins and reserve cushions for many D & O carriers evaporated; as a consequence, they suffered huge portfolio losses and sometimes even worse problems.