in consonance

References in classic literature ?
Everything was in consonance with my mood; everything seemed fair and spring-like.
Happy are they who can act in consonance with their own delicate sentiments, and rest satisfied with the knowledge that their motives are understood by those whom it is their greatest desire to please
This self-effacement in both directions had been quite in consonance with her independent character of desiring nothing by way of favour or pity to which she was not entitled on a fair consideration of her deserts.
Beauty would be his life; his aspirations would all tend toward it; and, allowing his frame and physical organs to be in consonance, his own developments would likewise be beautiful.
To the travellers there seemed to be no wind; but these pines waved majestically at their topmost boughs, sending forth a dull, plaintive sound that was quite in consonance with the rest of the melancholy scene.
To achieve this goal, the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary (Logistics Systems Management) will determine the requirements needed to integrate the RFID data into the DoD data environment in consonance with the Business Enterprise Architecture.
In these readings, Ternaux is at his most interesting, as when he shows how Corneille adapts substantial portions of Lucan to his own needs, nevertheless "classicizing" his source in consonance with the ideal of magnanimite that, together with Lucan's stoicism, constitutes the governing ideology of his play.
Other available lexica concur; those that display Bloom's double whammy are in consonance with the meaning shown in Random House Webster's College Dict.
Such values are not in consonance with the values of those who decide public policies in Arab societies.
Such a system would be in consonance with the recently announced U.
Dr Khan said the strategy for promotion of teachers on merit and achievements was in consonance with the standard laid down by the internationally top recognized universities which would help in enhancement of professional skill.
Tenders are invited for preparing e-learning solutions by developing content, presentation with features like intervention/interaction with industry, animations, visuals and video clippings and all the latest technological advancements in consonance with the syllabi as pres