in contemplation

See: at issue
References in classic literature ?
The captain resumed standing in contemplation before that smiling dead man, who seemed to have burnished his last thought, to give his best friend, the man he had loved next to Raoul, a gracious welcome even beyond life.
They who well consider the history of similar divisions and confederacies will find abundant reason to apprehend that those in contemplation would in no other sense be neighbors than as they would be borderers; that they would neither love nor trust one another, but on the contrary would be a prey to discord, jealousy, and mutual injuries; in short, that they would place us exactly in the situations in which some nations doubtless wish to see us, viz.
I hold that, in contemplation of universal law and of the Constitution, the Union of these States is perpetual.
Dinah was silent; her eyes were fixed in contemplation of something visible only to herself.
But look at me, count, look at me," said the prince endeavoring to direct upon himself the attention of the count, who was completely absorbed in contemplation of the portrait.
I gave up, at length, all care of things within the hotel, and became absorbed in contemplation of the scene without.
He noticed me not, but resumed his solemn walk, while I, ceasing to follow, remained absorbed in contemplation.
In our own times the decay of these once flourishing cities is so completely beyond remedy, that the next great change in contemplation is the draining of the now dangerous and useless tract of water, and the profitable cultivation of the reclaimed land by generations that are still to come.
Here and there, a human figure appeared at the waterside, standing, fixed in contemplation of the strange boat.
Perhaps such a plan of constructing the several departments would be less difficult in practice than it may in contemplation appear.
Then quietly I would slip out of the house to look at my beloved pond, and forget myself in contemplation.
The old man, whom I soon perceived to be blind, employed his leisure hours on his instrument or in contemplation.