in contrast to

See: contra
References in classic literature ?
At the end of the yard a dark mass, tinted with a dingy blue by the morning dawn, rose before him, its dark outlines standing out in contrast to the houses already illuminated by the pale light of early morning.
In contrast to McAteer, Lauriski had made his name in Washington as a staunch defender of mining companies rather than miners, and particularly of his employer, Emery.
In contrast to more recent "AJAX toolkits," ICEfaces offers a sophisticated framework and a comprehensive set of components that are abstracted from client runtime software, thereby dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of application development.
But this means that, in contrast to most porn, the scenes seem excruciatingly long.
This is in contrast to the marketing-driven sales model that seeks to understand consumers and deliver products and services in response.
published lapse ratio takes into account reinsurance and term policies that are not renewed, in contrast to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners lapse ratio, which does not.
In contrast to the Grand Canon view, genre-reading satisfactions are a striking facet of modern democratic ("pop") culture.
In contrast to the conventional view of blackface minstrelsy as the nail in the coffin of antebellum racial stasis, Brown sees it--rightly, I think--as an arena in which ripping social transformation was registered and even activated.
12) In contrast to Charles Tilly, whose statistical studies of protest in France are one of Giesselmann's principal targets for revision, his study is not limited to outbreaks involving group action.
In contrast to the embassy of 1585, the second embassy went away empty-handed.
In contrast to investment income, Richey stated that operating income from insurance and financial products continues to grow.
An ongoing company policy against retiring file formats or user licenses, in contrast to the regular retirement practices of Autodesk