in darkness

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Think about the young woman who remains blind in darkness or in light.
These crystals absorb energy from light, then release this stored energy in darkness anywhere from 10 hours to 22 hours (varies depending on individual product).
The film sequence begins in darkness; we hear only the stumbling notes of a bass guitar.
had paid any heed towards energy crises perhaps the country would not be left in darkness, he said.
"The people who walk in darkness have, seen, a great light.
Acting Insp Howe added: "Properties left in darkness are more likely to attract burglars than ones that are well lit.
The minister said the Pakistan of 2013, was dripped in blood and plunged in darkness while, Pakistan of 2016 was getting rid of terrorism and power shortages which had extended to 20 hours in the previous government.
Stockton Crime Prevention Officer Eddie Lincoln said: "Extra patrols are being carried out in the area but householders can help themselves by making sure their homes are not left in darkness.