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As noted, the Rating Outlook for McKesson is in deference to still outstanding shareholder suits.
Spokesperson to President Senator Farhatullah Babar said in a statement that the President as head of the state and in deference to recent court's observations has scrupulously refrained from indulging in partisan political activities or making political statements.
She tells The Out Traveler that the choice was also "a move off the Gay Games calendar, in deference to them.
Yet, in a concurring opinion apparently designed to rein in deference to educators, Justice William Brennan wrote that school officials do not possess "limitless discretion to apply their own notions of indecency.
As noted in earlier FEI communications, FEI National has waived national dues for members of the chapter this year, in deference to the economic hardship brought by Katrina.
In deference to the hotel's real location, the 44 guest rooms and 20 bungalows feature Uruguayan granite and pine.
Inside the chamber are two horizontal sculptures by Warren, curving planes of 200 year old Irish oak placed in deference to the Golden Mean.
To fix something that wasn't broken, in deference to one special-interest group that's more concerned with grinding an ideological ax than in doing what's truly right for the people of L.
The book's tone is fairly reserved and academic one gets the sense that De Veaux has almost subordinated her own writing style or ideas in deference to what Lorde herself might have wanted written.