in extremis

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In Extremis

[Latin, In extremity.] A term used in reference to the last illness prior to death.

A causa mortis gift is made by an individual who is in extremis.

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in extremis

(in ex-tree-miss) adj. facing imminent death.

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in extremis

‘in the final illness’.
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IN EXTREMIS. This phrase is used to denote the end of life; as, a marriage in extremis, is one made at the end of life. Vide Extremis.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Esto puede ser interpretado como el verselas obligado del aburrido in extremis a rendirse ante el tiempo muerto de la espera.
The fact that our first view of technology in Extremis takes place in a slaughterhouse prepares the reader for a conflict between the biological and the mechanical.
Kolditz successfully tackles the issue of leadership in the most trying situations in In Extremis Leadership.
We need our actions in extremis to be formally justified.
An issue the NSERC Discovery Grant (DG) committees will face in extremis this year is the large number of first-time applicants.
Clearly, Kolnai here is reprising Aquinas's reflections on property in the Summa, with its conclusion that in extremis property rights are suspended--albeit to return once the social situation has normalized.
In the capital, the organization sees another 250 returnees economically in extremis monthly.
Jefferson was on the mark with the Graham Lee-ridden Noel's Pride, who stayed on too strongly for In Extremis in the 2m 5f handicap hurdle.
In the case of Cariboo, Ottawa apparently believed until beyond the 11th hour that the church was indulging in rhetoric when it pronounced the diocese in extremis. Ottawa must have believed that the beleaguered diocese would be saved at the last minute, though by what means is impossible to say.
"The film is about what you look like, position, and power, and so is Hollywood in extremis," he says.
It turned out that the star decided she needed a change of image for her singing role in Extremis - a raunchy techno-song she recorded with Liverpool group Hal.
What John Paul would deny to those in extremis is the power to direct a biological process in accordance with their own wishes instead of enduring needless agony and indignity at the whim of the body.