in fact

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society as any other group--and in fact, did not develop strong ethnic institutions like other immigrant groups until the '60's and '70's.
In fact, there were no recorded instances of a failure with this load to decisively incapacitate a suspect.
In fact, they may have broken new strategic ground in this field.
Two new books -- Lewis' excellent memoir and David Halberstam's sweeping The Children -- remind us that the movement's success was in fact far from inevitable and that the forces behind it were, in the beginning, quite ordinary people.
8 million people waiting to become Americans, immigrants like Contreras are waiting dramatically shorter periods and are, in fact, naturalizing ahead of those applicants caught in the backlog.
Despite his assertion that "three or four slots on the best-seller lists are occupied by SF titles," in fact their occupants are fantasy tomes, media tie-ins, and Michael Crichton clones, not actual s.
In fact, the CIA is still led by the same cloak-and-dagger crowd of conspirators and assassins who presided over it in the Cold War years.