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In fact, many works could almost be categorized as institutional critique, since they reflect on the institution of art.
society as any other group--and in fact, did not develop strong ethnic institutions like other immigrant groups until the '60's and '70's.
In fact, you even can create new toolbars, each with customized buttons; that's particularly handy when you're working on unique projects that need special functions.
In fact, the FBI director sent copies of the file to Coretta Scott King.
The controversy over the eligibility criteria became more complicated once it was revealed that the United States' position had not been formulated specifically for the trade pact, but was in fact based on a longstanding but little known INS ruling.
In fact, the INS applied what was learned from the pilot to SEVIS.
The music recalls bands like Gang of Four or Wire--or the Red Krayola, who in fact originated the song fragments that the actors reinterpreted for Poledna's film.
In fact, the revenue will allow INS to improve service and expand infrastructure to the benefit of all our customers."
In fact, they may have broken new strategic ground in this field.
In fact, most of the reputed political fun of the sixties was the same kind of "fun" no doubt experienced by activists in the thirties or teens: The thrill of solidarity, of marching and chanting together, of being caught up in a great transcendent cause, "larger than ourselves."
In fact, the only drawback to using the income forecast method is that, unlike MACRS, property cannot be depreciated below its salvage value.
Depending on context, therefore, "bad faith" does in fact mean different things, and the standards are consistent only within each of these separate bodies of law and fact.