in full view

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We shan't have to go out at all-- yonder are the mountains, in full view.
We ran as fast as we could around the lower end of the harbor, scrambled up the cliffs and at last stood upon their summit in full view of the lake.
By this time the four divisions of De Montfort's army were in full view of the town.
When the Emperor had passed nearly all the regiments, the troops began a ceremonial march past him, and Rostov on Bedouin, recently purchased from Denisov, rode past too, at the rear of his squadron- that is, alone and in full view of the Emperor.
Of course no one obeyed his orders; but as it was impossible to quiet him, we swept by the ships of the squadron with this strange fellow performing his antics in full view of all the French officers.
The smiling hills of France appeared in full view with their numerous white houses rendered more conspicuous by the bright green of the trees or the clear blue sky.
By the time we had paddled well out into the current, we had drifted so far downstream that we were in full view of the Fire People's abiding-place.
Presently a hart entered the glade in full view of him, grazing peacefully, and instantly the man of action awoke.
Still the black hesitated, fearful of the consequences of approaching the terrible creatures that were dining upon the bodies of his warriors; but Tarzan forced him to accompany him, and presently the two emerged from the jungle in full view of the grisly spectacle upon the beach.
In a public place, raised on a platform, in full view of the passing crowd, the victim stood.
Amelia's gentle eyes, too, had been fixed anxiously on the pair, whose conduct had so chafed the jealous General; but when Rebecca entered her box, she flew to her friend with an affectionate rapture which showed itself, in spite of the publicity of the place; for she embraced her dearest friend in the presence of the whole house, at least in full view of the General's glass, now brought to bear upon the Osborne party.
A moment later, evidently satisfied that no immediate danger lurked before her, she stepped out into the clearing in full view of the Arab.