in hysterics

See: disordered
References in classic literature ?
Ferrars is told of it, for she was sent for as soon as ever my cousins left the house, for your sister was sure SHE would be in hysterics too; and so she may, for what I care.
Why, it's not once in a lifetime a man speaks out like this, and then it is in hysterics! ...What more do you want?
You're in the plot--you made him marry, thinking that I'd leave my money from him-- you did, Martha," the poor old lady screamed in hysteric sentences.
"Leslie May but he didn't" he said, which had my school mates in hysterics.
"They were in hysterics over the idea that retired Asian servants are employed to handpick slugs from plants in the middle of the night.
Later, viewers were in hysterics after spotting a stage hand stuck on set.
His brother and carer Daniel, 28, claimed Matthew, who has Williams Syndrome, was "in hysterics".
As clever as those Neanderthal kids in hysterics because their old man couldn't get the hang of this new thingy called a wheel.
My mother was making the taxi driver laugh with her comments and I was in hysterics and had not realised my purse had slipped from my coat pocket.