in its infancy

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It will end in our going to the New World, and trying Society in its infancy, among the forests and the plains.
Brunehilde and Fredegonde were the results of the painful struggle of civilization in its infancy, when man was learning to control mind, were it even by an emissary from the realms of darkness.
Although hundreds of ASPs have formed in recent months, application hosting is in its infancy.
And with the ISP industry in its infancy, huge phone companies like Pac Bell, AT&T and MCI only recently have started to throw around large sums to grab market share.
With the market for 3D real time animation still in its infancy, our objective is to help consolidate the myriad of emerging Web based 3D applications and technologies under the b3d file format, thus creating a standard for 3D animation streaming on the web.