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Her study of African writers in Paris displays a confident grasp of their diverse and complex ideas, while effectively capturing sentiment, language and culture in one fell swoop.
Surely a year can't go by, and it's not any clearer," says Wills, who says opening the wholesale and retail market in one fell swoop is a recipe for disaster.
In one fell swoop, Stratascope has changed all that.
Now, they get 1,624 institutions in one fell swoop.
Robert Michael Pyle begins his essay on the gradual degradation of his urban environment this way: "I became a nonbeliever and a conservationist in one fell swoop.
These days at eBay, one can bid on rare Furbies, Kurt Cobain's power of attorney document, and, thanks to Staehle, some old image files by Mariko Mori, all in one fell swoop.