in order

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In order to achieve better estimation accuracy of INS error, the state vector is defined by x = [[delta][P.sub.E] [delta][P.sub.N] [delta][V.sub.E] [delta][V.sub.N] [delta][Acc.sub.E] < [delta][Acc.sub.N]].
They are able to replace smaller parts at a lower price in order to keep their unit looking and performing as needed.
There is also the possibility that the prisoners are being moved to another state or location in order to pump federal funds into that area and reward prior political support.
As part of a citywide "Weapons of Mass Resistance" campaign, the young women set up a table in front of the local army recruiting office, calling on young people on the street to question why they have to kill women and children in Iraq in order to get an education.
"If all is in order, they are allowed to go on their merry way."
Complicating the current situation is that Congress required that a temporary system be established by September 11, 2002, in order to monitor students on a preliminary basis.
Haven't colleges and universities been collecting the same information on foreign students for years, in order to issue I20s (the forms upon which student visas are issued)?
A third reason centers on the enormous time and effort IT personnel would have to undertake in order to convert Web pages to XML.