in order

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The Act reinstated a January 2003 deadline for colleges to get INS authorization to use SEVIS, in order to be able to continue to serve international students.
In order to obtain complete and thorough data on these activities, we must follow the Arab diplomatic corps in their political efforts, lobbying activities and propaganda p rograms emanating from their embassies.
The list had been developed in the late 1980s by two INS agents to provide some guidance to private companies developing a history and civics course that illegal immigrants were allowed to take in order to become legal under a special amnesty law then in effect.
I told them, All you've done is stop some kid from changing the birthdate on his license in order to buy a beer.
This information primarily dealt with the functional goals of the system rather than technological goals in order to maximally involve practicing clinicians.
in order to implement and enforce the new law, thereby keeping unauthorized aliens out of the work force, the federal government through the immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has developed an Employment Eligibility Verification Form or 1-9 form.