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Every word is theirs but I had to turn them into books - getting their voices over and speaking in plain English.
Any planning on taking the GED, or adults wishing to brush up on their English skills, will find the fourth edition of GRAMMAR IN PLAIN ENGLISH provides over twenty important lessons to reinforce grammar.
The Plain English Campaign fights for public information to be written in plain English and has more than 7,500 supporters in 80 countries.
Garner has written several books on training lawyers and judges to write in plain English.
Abbey have promised to dump jargon and rewrite all their customer letters in plain English.
Robert's Rules in Plain English is a gem that is well worth its modest $5.
editor of the book "Securities Disclosure in Plain English," the most authoritative guidance available on the topic.
Similarly, the Presbyterian minister Richard Baxter (1615-91) was, as we shall see, only one of among many contemporaries who charged that Cromwell's plain speech was in fact dissimulation: "He seemed exceeding open-hearted by a familiar Rustic affected Carriage (especially to his Soldiers in sporting with them) but he thought Secrecy a Virtue and Dissimulation no Vice and Simulation, that is, in plain English, a Lie or Perfidiousness to be a tollerable Fault in a Case of Necessity .