in plain sight

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This kind of abuse, sexism and misogyny, has been hiding in plain sight.
There's a secure way to store and transport firepower concealed in plain sight yet ready in case of an emergency: the Skinner HTF (Harken Tactical Firearm) garment bag.
The stand-alone Hiding in Plain Sight examines grief, responsibility, sexuality, and identity in the wake of a family tragedy.
Police departments throughout the region are restating the message they have been saying for years: Do not leave your cars unlocked and do not leave valuables in plain sight.
In Plain Sight includes not only public artworks from the '30s and '40s, but also such modern installations as the vibrant Chromatic Gate by environmental artist Herbert Bayer.
Everyone in town was talking about our space and no one had a clue about the art, culture and affordable housing inside of it that was already hidden in plain sight," he says.
Using real-life case stories from organizations such as BMW, Apple, Frito-Lay, and Netflix, he introduces a demand-first model for a repeatable process that helps identify opportunities hidden in plain sight.
Written in plain terms for readers of all backgrounds, Hidden in Plain Sight is a highly informed and informative look at how powerful emotional responses affect the biological wiring of the human brain and nervous system, particularly in the case of childhood (or even infancy) incidents leaving a lasting imprint, with useful strategies for learning to adjust to and cope with the fallout from trauma or abuse.
In Plain Sight is a vivid telling of lives from women seldom heard from.
I spend a lot of time in desert and mountain country, where my big-bore handguns are carried holstered in plain sight.
In Ohio, according to Hanson, police can legally void the requirement for a search warrant and search a car because they can see a gun in plain sight, and at the same time arrest the car's occupant, a CHL holder, because his gun was not in plain sight.
However, the animal is known for an uncanny ability to hide in plain sight.