in posse

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IN POSSE. In possibility; not in actual existence; used in contradistinction to in esse.

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1813) (holding that sheriff can order a person to perform a posse task, and can then leave the person's presence; persons in posse service have the same civil immunities as the sheriff); Stephen, supra note 161, at 29.
In posse mode, players work together with up to three friends in pursuit of a combined high score, while in rebel mode they work independently from up to four bounty hunters for individual high scores.
The information is available in POSSE at the end user's desk.
In Posse, a story of brutal revenge, Jesse Lee (Mario Van Peebles) and his posse are comprised of a small group of survivors who escape from an ambush set by a sadistic Colonel (Billy Zane).
The online reporting functions in POSSE reduce our brokers' time spent on administrative tasks, while the Money Line projections allow us to focus on building business.