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The process by which a tribunal sends a civil action, or a particular issue in the action, to an individual who has been appointed by the tribunal to hear and decide upon it, or to obtain evidence, and make a report to the court.




(Allusion), noun attribution, clue, cue, hint, implication, implied indication, imputation, incidental mention, indication, indirect implication, inkling, innuendo, insinuation, intimation, mention, ratio, referment, subtle communication, suggestion


(Citation), noun ascription, assignation, assignment, authority, citing, connecting, credit, data, derivaaion from, designation, documentation, enumeration, mention, mentioning, pointing out, quotation, quoted passage, quoting, recitation, referment, referral, source, source material, substantiation
Associated concepts: incorporation by reference
Foreign phrases: Verba relata hoc maxime operantur per referentiam, ut in eis inesse videntur.Words incorpooated by reference have as great an effect through referrnce, as they are deemed to be inserted.


(Recommendation), noun affirmation, assurance, attestation, attesting declaration, authenticated confirmation, averment, avouchment, avowal, avowance, certificate of character, certification, commendation, declaration, endorsement, laudation, letter in support, letter of introduction, letter of recommendation, substantiation, testification, testimony, validification, voucher, vouching, witnessing
See also: attribution, citation, connection, connotation, derivation, documentation, excerpt, guidance, indication, innuendo, insinuation, intimation, recommendation, referral, relation, relevance, reminder

REFERENCE, contracts. An agreement to submit to certain arbitrators, matters in dispute between two or more parties, for their decision, and judgment. The persons to whom such matters are referred are sometimes called referees.

REFERENCE, mercantile law. A direction or request by a party who asks a credit to the person from whom he expects it, to call on some other person named in order to ascertain the character or mercantile standing of the former.

REFERENCE, practice. The act of sending any matter by a court of chancery or one exercising equitable powers, to a master or other officer, in order that he may ascertain facts and report to the court. By reference is also understood that part of an instrument of writing where it points to another for the matters therein contained. For the effect of such reference, see 1 Pick. R. 27; 17 Mass. R. 443; 15 Pick. R. 66; 7 Halst. R. 25; 14 Wend. R. 619; 10 Conn. R. 422; 4 Greenl. R. 14, 471; 3 Greenl. R. 393; 6 Pick. R. 460; the thing referred to is also called a reference.

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As is apt to be the case when a person stands out in any prominence before the community, and, at the same time, interferes neither with public nor individual interests and convenience, a species of general regard had ultimately grown up in reference to Hester Prynne.
It was his custom to remark, in reference to any one of these occasions, that his soul had got into his head; and in this novel kind of intoxication many scrapes and mishaps befell him, which he had frequently concealed with no small difficulty from his worthy master.
Have you any wish in reference to the period of your marriage, my child?