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An old-fashioned whodunit set in a frightening post-apocalyptic world, In Retrospect has garnered high advance critical praise:
The octatonic scale also seems to be the basis for your hexachord [E F-sharp G B-flat C C-sharp] in Narrative in Retrospect and is used in the Chopin Ballade in G Minor.
Other superior technology in Retrospect includes IncrementalPLUS(TM) backups for fast, lean backups to independent, rotating sets of media; single-pass point-in-time restores; automatic hardware configuration and optimization; seamless network backups; and Backup Server(TM), the only adaptive backup for notebook computers.
Borges comments that certain works can't be parodied because they are already self-parodic, and in retrospect I see that my piece reiterated what the ICA as an institution already did--does--to itself.
In retrospect, the use of children against police dogs and fire hoses seems an act of genius.
1 and the new HFS+ Extended Format file system in Retrospect 4.
Backup Server technology is fully integrated with all of the other powerful features found in Retrospect and Retrospect Remote, such as versatile file selection; support for all Macintosh HFS volumes and over 150 different tape drives; full security, including DES data encryption (North America only); and support for both hardware and software data compression.
In retrospect, it appears that all of TCI's actions in our regard were calculated to assure TCI of total control and domination of our assets, software, patents and technology in order to enrich TCI and its affiliates, including Zing, at the expense of IN and IN shareholders.