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'The task of conveying one female in safety through such scenes as we must encounter, to say nothing of attracting the attention of those who crowd the streets,' he answered, 'is enough.
On the Indian side, serious issues in safety procedures, handling and weapons-related procedures on naval platforms are effectively sufficient to smudge country's repute globally especially when it claims to be a dominant regional power, with aspirations for becoming a global power.
With reference to safety, IN Safety Organisation including rescue support during submarine accidents in the IOR will be discussed.
"This is a perfect example of how our innovations in safety can make the entire flying experience better." This technology was first developed to more thoroughly and efficiently ensure that signal propagation met the regulatory safety standards that protect against interference with an aircraft's critical electrical systems.
But Lauriski, a young mining engineer who was promoted to a top job for quickly getting the mine running after the accident, testified during a 1987 congressional hearing that "[i]mprovements in safety ...