in suspense

References in classic literature ?
Her whole happiness seemed at stake, while the affair was in suspense, and everything secured when it was determined that the lodgings should be taken for another fortnight.
This Cide Hamete Benengeli thought fit to reveal at once, not to keep the world in suspense, fancying that the head had some strange magical mystery in it.
There was some other serious interest in suspense, known to Mr.
While I was yet in suspense, I despatched a faithful servant to the viceroy with my excuse for disobeying him; and gave the messenger strict orders to observe all that passed, and bring me an exact account.
I imagined at first that he had left some servants to provide for my reception, but being advertised at the same time that there was no longer any doubt of the certainty of his revolt, that the Galles were engaged to come to his assistance, and that he was gone to sign a treaty with them, I was no longer in suspense what measures to take, but returned to Fremona.
This study reflects on techniques, cinematography, themes, gender, and spectatorship in suspense films.
We watch in suspense as Devlin and Alicia are forced to make choices between their values, and we fear the consequences of these choices.
The virtue that she finds in suspense refutes positions held by Adorno, Horkheimer, and the Frankfurt School that suspense "encourage[s] a passive readership" (196).
Hung up due-ins (due-ins that have no status at a supply support activity [SSA], but still show status in PBUSE) and open items in suspense files are major reasons why unit transfers fail.
The first mention of "shako," a tall and cylindrical hat, occurs in Suspense (first published in 1925).
Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman is used to keeping people in suspense and no prominent change is expected in current political scenario.
Labour MP Joe Benton said Arif Dar, his wife and five daughters were being kept in suspense because of red tape delays.