in suspense

References in classic literature ?
Her whole happiness seemed at stake, while the affair was in suspense, and everything secured when it was determined that the lodgings should be taken for another fortnight.
There was some other serious interest in suspense, known to Mr.
These reports charmed us, because they flattered our desires; but our superiors finding nothing in all this talk that could be depended on, were in suspense what directions to give us, till my companion and I upon this reflection, that since all the ways were equally new to us, we had nothing to do but to resign ourselves to the Providence of God, asked and obtained the permission of our superiors to attempt the road through Melinda.
Under this same cloak he assailed Africa, he came down on Italy, he has finally attacked France; and thus his achievements and designs have always been great, and have kept the minds of his people in suspense and admiration and occupied with the issue of them.
I am sure, my dear sister, you will excuse my remaining silent so long, and agree with me that such circumstances, while they continue from any cause in suspense, cannot be too cautiously concealed.
It is shifted from one to another with so much dexterity, and under such plausible appearances, that the public opinion is left in suspense about the real author.
My rival is called Anselmo and I myself Eugenio- that you may know the names of the personages that figure in this tragedy, the end of which is still in suspense, though it is plain to see it must be disastrous.
It was inhuman to go off to church, and leave a sinner in suspense, unpunished, unforgiven.
THE next evening but one, when the children had given Grandfather a full account of the Diorama of Bunker Hill, they entreated him not to keep them any longer in suspense about the fate of his chair.
Time has no business to keep a whole country in suspense," replied the orator.
Hung up due-ins (due-ins that have no status at a supply support activity [SSA], but still show status in PBUSE) and open items in suspense files are major reasons why unit transfers fail.
Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman is used to keeping people in suspense and no prominent change is expected in current political scenario.