in the absence of

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He had his foot upon the breast of their sham deliverer, in the absence of a spare arm; and gave him a gentle roll as he spoke.
The Appellate Term held that interest does not get tolled in the absence of proof that plaintiff unreasonably delayed the progress of the lawsuit.--LNR
In the absence of FX gains the insurer's net result weakened to a KZT66m loss in 2M16 (2M15: net profit of KZT307m).
Despite, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's socio-economic policy focused on reducing the financial burden on the poor, decisions and laws passed in the absence of a parliament seem to be a failure.
Mohammad Arshad, a daily wage earner, said persons like him were the worst sufferers due to the sit-ins as they could not earn to feed their families in the absence of business activities.
Growth, according to him, will not be possible in the absence of political indicators to achieve this figure.
In the other, the Court's result effectively rewrote the insurance contract between the parties and has negative implications with respect to the rights of insurance companies to require insureds to adhere to specific late notice provisions in the future in the absence of prejudice.
And he has every chance of reaching his century at Highbury, with Jose Reyes set to partner him up front in the absence of Dennis Bergkamp.