in the area

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Police are now urging residents to get in touch if they see anything suspicious in the area.
One resident saw a small dark sedan with a loud exhaust in the area of the car break-ins about 3 a.
He said he had previously saved $100,000 to put down on a new home in the area.
border officials reported Tuesday a reduction in arrests of illegal immigrants, Los Angeles officials say that doesn't means fewer people are making it across the border and settling in the area.
Over recent weeks, police have received a number of reports of break-ins and attempted break-ins to cars parked in the area.
Connolly said police in the area are being asked to gather lists of stolen items to submit to the Fusion Center.
The couple reportedly had been living in motels in the area.
Cole has gained a reputation in the area for his uncompromising enforcement of immigration laws.
We will continue to acquire additional seismic coverage in the area.
The world of the Virtual Boathouse was created using several of Digital Element's products: Digital Element's Verdant(TM) was used to create custom models of the plants in the area, which were added to the landscape generated using WorldBuilder Pro(TM) from elevation data provided by WRT.
Downtown has more than 1,300 private security personnel in the area.
Although a portion of this investment will be within the allocation area, the company has invested $126 million in the area over the last three years and anticipates another $100 million.