in the habit of

See: accustomed
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According to the detention orders, the members of TLP are in the habit of harassing the general public, instigating mobs against Supreme Court's (SC) and challenging the writ of the state through blocking of public thoroughfares and vandalism.
The party was in the habit of looking towards umpire's finger.
CAN we reassure the residents of Thornaby that their Town Council is not in the habit of sit-ins re John Mennell's letter 'Biggest eyesore' (3.3.12), nor are we stopping any development of the Town Hall, quite the opposite in fact, which will be revealed in due course.
The number of break-ins tends to rise during September and October when homeowners are still in the habit of leaving windows and doors open or unlocked.
"I'm not in the habit of reading the Baltimore Sun," said Sheldon Ripson, news director for KPLR (Channel 11).