in the meantime

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Corcoran has great hopes for the bill, but, in the meantime, continues to closely follow Latham and Watkins' federal court actions on Mohamed's behalf.
In the meantime, an army of activists is working to make schools, among other institutions, safe and free of discrimination.
He has pleased connections in the meantime and is ready to run his race today.
In the meantime, the relatives and the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) seized on revelations that the government maintained contact with Cuba during Elian's ordeal.
In the meantime of course the arms controllers and defense intellectuals had a wonderful time debating the issue, and FitzGerald dutifully takes us through the arcane battles over START and INF that so preoccupied people in those days.
In the meantime, CSPI has petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to require that olestra's food label notice (about loose stools, cramping, etc.
But in the meantime, an innovative idea that has helped thousands become American citizens and the INS to become more efficient will suffer.
79) In the meantime, he assured the emissaries that he would see to it that additional friars would be sent to Japan.