in the middle of

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She had locked the door, and now held the key in her hand, as she threw herself wearily into a chair that stood out of its place in the middle of the house floor, where in ordinary times she would never have consented to sit.
Adam was seated on a rough bench, his head supported by his arm, which rested from the shoulder to the elbow on the long planing- table in the middle of the workshop.
Leave me in peace, unwelcome overtures; avaunt, with your desires, ladies, for she who is queen of mine, the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso, suffers none but hers to lead me captive and subdue me;" and so saying he sat down on the floor in the middle of the room, tired out and broken down by all this exertion in the dance.
The sailors went missing after weapons stored in the forward section of the Russian-built INS Sindhurakshak exploded in the middle of the night, causing a fire as it lay berthed in Mumbai, the navy's worst losses in more than four decades.
Whether you're trying to cook in the middle of a power cut, need an extra hob for dinner parties or desperate for a quick brew-up in the garden shed, you'll find this lightweight and compact gas stove indispensable.
The march also paused for a half-hour in the middle of a busy downtown Miami street across from a Taco Bell that had been told by police to lock its doors.
I had nightmares of KGB agents breaking down my door in the middle of the night, arresting me, and hauling me away to prison.
The Martinezes lived in a sweltering canvas tent in the middle of a dusty field that turned instantly into a sea of mud at the first drop of rain.