in the past

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Talking to a private news channel, he said that sit in by PTI and PAT in the past, had caused huge loss to national economy.
7 percent which was the highest in the past eight years.
INS has steadily worked towards building large IPs and also building strategic partnerships across brands in the past year using all network delivery points which are now established as top notch in their categories.
The Indian Navy is currently undergoing a massive expansion, after suffering over 10 mishaps involving its assets in the past one-and-a-half years.
THE Indian Navy has decided to act against some of its officers in connection with several mishaps involving its naval ships in the past one month.
Asked about Assir's absence in the past month, Hariri said: "We were not completely absent.
The Holden Police Department sent an alert to residents last week warning them about four house break-ins in town in the past few weeks and suggesting vigilance about locking doors and keeping an eye on their neighborhoods.
For this analysis, we only include children ages 2 years and older because the measure of HRQOL was only validated for children this age, and only asked questions about medical home for children who had at least one acute or preventive health care visit in the past year.
Joint and several liability under section 6015 was the ninth most-litigated issue in the past year.
In the past two weeks, homes in Willenhall and Stoke Aldermoor have been broken into through insecure doors and windows.
Despite this, Dettori still remains as short as 10-11 favourite with William Hill, even though he has ridden 13 fewer winners than at this time last year, and on only three occasions in the past fortnight has he ridden at an afternoon meeting before travelling on elsewhere in the evening - in sharp contrast to the hunger he was showing 12 months ago.