in the past

See: heretofore
References in classic literature ?
And I, and these around me--we represent a new race of men--living no longer in the past, scarcely in the present--but projecting our lives forward into the future.
Nothing, I dare say, has been farther from your thoughts than that there had been important ties in the past which could connect your history with mine.
All property relations in the past have continually been subject to historical change consequent upon the change in historical conditions.
I waited a few minutes longer-- waited to tell her that she was dearer to me now than she had ever been in the past times.
At least it might have been thought that Anna would have confessed HER share in the past.
I have been in the past a realist, and I remain a realist as regards sensation, but not as regards memory or thought.
I did not study a tithe as much as I had studied in the past.
Morison could sleep at all in the midst of the savage jungle was sufficient indication that he had changed considerably in the past twenty-four hours, and that he could lie close beside a none-too-fragrant black man spoke of possibilities for democracy within him yet all undreamed of.
If it were not for what happened in the past I might like some time to write a story on the same lines in the future.
Till the 25th October Crete, as all our planet knows, was the sole surviving European repository of "autonomous institutions," "local self-government," and the rest of the archaic lumber devised in the past for the confusion of human affairs.
It has been a rare phenomenon in the past and has constantly been mistaken for death.
But the magic never does work," she protested with a little sigh, "and I am not in the least interested in the past.