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He created a high school journal called The Daily Smirker, a parody of the communist Daily Worker in the spirit of Mad magazine.
First-rate performances were given by the Frontier Danceland company from Singapore (Cloud, Low Mei Yoke), Transitions from England (Spin Through Scudding Clouds, Jochen Heckmann), United Dance Productions from Bermuda (Incidents of a Slave Girl, Kevin Malone, a gorgeous example of yet another African diaspora fusion style, in the spirit of Katherine Dunham, Alvin Ailey, and Philadanco), the United States's Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company (Dragons on the Wall, Chen, with music composed and performed by Joan La Barbara and a witty, effective use of nonverbal sounds by the dancers), and Hong Kong Academy (Different Trains, Rosalind Newman, with Steve Reich's hot ticket of a score; the dance--more kinetic than emotive--is a good group work that fills, expands, and moves the space).