in the vicinity of

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Previously reported (news release of November 28, 2005) partial and preliminary results indicated highly anomalous samples were obtained in the vicinity of known kimberlite pipes.
in the vicinity of Misrata: one armoured fighting vehicle, four armed
Based on reported historical data, occurrences of molybdenite, chalcopyrite, silver and gold have been reported throughout the property particularly to the north of the Copperlode Main Zone in the vicinity of a local granitic intrusion.
facility, in the vicinity of Yafran: 4 armed vehicles,
To the northwest, the Achiote project consists of two concessions covering 85,000 hectares (210,000 acres) in the vicinity of the Santa Lucia Concession.
was destroyed in the vicinity of Brega, 2 armed vehicles and 4 tanks in the
5 km wide trend in the vicinity of but distinct from previously identified diamondiferous kimberlites AV-1 and AV-2.
Moreover, in the vicinity of Ras Lanuf three technical vehicles, in the
The First Access system is pronounced an "evolution in network security," authenticating users by their presence in the vicinity of a secured workstation, through the deployment of a patent-pending wireless Vicinity Smart Card and NT server integrated software technology.
NATO also destroyed in the vicinity of Waddan one ammunition storage
Utilizing unique wireless communications, the system performs "Vicinity Authentication" -- the remote detection, identification and authentication of a user based on his or her presence in the vicinity of a network workstation.
Moreover, a NATO update Saturday noted that in the vicinity of Mizdah four