in violation of

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Indeed, if by virtue these writers mean the exercise of those cardinal virtues, which like good housewives stay at home, and mind only the business of their own family, I shall very readily concede the point; for so surely do all these contribute and lead to happiness, that I could almost wish, in violation of all the antient and modern sages, to call them rather by the name of wisdom, than by that of virtue; for, with regard to this life, no system, I conceive, was ever wiser than that of the antient Epicureans, who held this wisdom to constitute the chief good; nor foolisher than that of their opposites, those modern epicures, who place all felicity in the abundant gratification of every sensual appetite.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Information Pervaiz Rashid has wondered how PTI was allotted party symbol in the last general elections despite being in violation of the Political Parties Act.
The nature of offence, committed by the officers, was not known though sources said some of them tried to shut the doors of the sailor's compartment where the fire was reported in violation of the procedures.
Another agent, he remembers, said 'I'm going to write a memo to the chief of police that he's in violation of federal law, because he wrote a new policy saying they won't call the INS.
7 million aliens who were living here in violation of our laws were rewarded with the most coveted prize in the world--free access to America and the road to citizenship--ahead of all those millions of others who were doing the right thing by standing in line and applying for immigration through legal means, and complying with our laws.
According to the agency's official website, the first 75 mounted guards from El Paso to San Diego spent most of their time repelling Chinese immigrants who were attempting to enter the country in violation of the Chinese exclusion laws.
11 were foreign-born men living in the United States on temporary visas, and at least two were in violation of their visa conditions.
The Guam district court found Tsai guilty on three counts of escorting unauthorized aliens into the United States for financial gain in violation of 8 U.
If you are caught harboring them, you might very well be in violation of the law.
The action was based on the claim that bringing the media into the home constituted an unreasonable search in violation of the Wilsons' Fourth Amendment rights.
The Commission, adopting a hearing officer's findings, held both the employer and insurer in violation of regulations requiring that pregnancy be treated the same as other disabilities for insurance purposes.